Reverse Osmosis Installation

Project Title

"A perfect fit" received a call From a couple that has had 8 different plumbers in a period of 6 mths time . They have hired and fired half a dozen general contractors during their kitchen remodeling . The main thing they were trying to accomplish with the water to this part of the home was water quality/purity , and for this they needed a reverse osmosis system . The owners had spoke to many plumbers on the proper way to install and maintain ro systems , and were very frustrated with the varying answers and lack of knowledge they encountered . They found my website and read the reviews and felt we would be a "perfect fit " as I have installed at least 100 ro's in my 35 yrs in the profession . After spending some time meeting with them and discussing various issues concerning ro systems , we decided to work together to get these folks great drinking water for their family . The home owners purchased the unit they were most comfortable with , and in the meantime I familiarized myself with the PDF files. We set a day and time for the installation. As I was doing prep work under the sink I noticed the dishwasher was not protected from sewer waste entering the unit , the drain was not plumbed properly . I corrected the drain issue and then noticed the water supply to the dishwasher was tied into the cold water supply instead of the hot supply . The dishwasher had an integral booster heater to heat the water to 180 degrees but was being fed by cold water , making the heater work tremendously hard and was sure to fail prematurely . Obviously, I replumbed the water supply to the dishwasher with the proper hot water feed . 2 serious issues solved for the homeowner before even beginning to install the ro . The installation of the ro was a textbook perfect job , the unit was a 5 filter system with U.V. Lighting , holding tank , and side faucet . There are so many components that the installations are always tight , but as the pictures show , we optimized our space and as well as providing a good deal of working area for the annual filter replacements and maintenance. I was very pleased with the end results as are my customers . And they have peace of mind because as always they have "A Perfect Fits" full 1 yr guarantee .

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