Drainage System Clean Out

Project Title

While in the process of thoroughly cleaning, clearing & flushing the drainage system I was asked to locate the home clean-outs . I knew the home and as per code they had a clean-out when first built. Many times the risers that come up to ground level for access will get buried under landscaping . They are invaluable when clearing the house trunk lines. I am asked to camera and locate clean-outs on a regular basis. If there is one ,we’ll find it.

Customer Review

Sunday, early afternoon, our same toilet that supposedly was unclogged by another plumbing company, unfortunately either didn’t completely unclogged the line, or wasn’t quite sure how. Because of this error the sewer line of said toilet was still partially full. Anyway, we called “A Perfect Fit” Plumbing & Gas. I have never had a conversation more pleasant, more informative than I had today. He promptly came over and worked non-stop for 5 hours.

He had to rotor thru the line to soften 2 clogs. He keeps you apprised of what he’s doing at all times. To compare the plumbing work from the previous plumber to A Perfect Fit Plumbing it would be humerous if not sad and head shaking. I have no idea where or what previous plumber stuck their hose in to wash out the clog. Unfortunately, there were 2 clogs. We have no idea how nor why /clog #2 was missing nor hiding, as we weren’t informed/or informed a better way. With a bit of work “A Perfect Fit” found clog #1 and CLOG #2. Oh homeowners, come to find out we’ll be adding a $40.00 add on that covers us from our house to the city sewer line. Sounds a bit high and not particularly needed but thinking it thru somewhat it might be worth it. If you sewer line breaks does damage under our road - guess who gets that huge bill? You do because it happened under your house. Found this out today.

I hope this post wasn’t too long, too boring, but perhaps a bit informational. Thank you for letting me talk. Joe even texted me this morning to make sure all was ok. He will be my plumber from now on. If previous plumber had informed me when first glogged, I could have saved some money but I’m glad I met Joe.- Dale Bishop

Choctaw, OK

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