Camera Inspection in Edmond, OK

Camera Inspection in Edmond, OK

This customer had repeated stoppage issues and actually had two problems simultaneously, the first was a broken sewer riser near the tie-In to the city main, a portion of it was under water in some pretty thick murky stuff so I couldn't get a good visual, but my built in transmitter was able to locate the comprised tie-in to the city system for the customer.

The second issue I was able to get a visual, it's hard for a non-plumber to see but the flat disc type apparatus that is on the bottom of the sewer pipe is actually a failed back-water valve that some municipalities require on the sewer system. The valve was installed on the wrong side of the clean-out and when other plumbing company's tried to clean the line they couldn't get their cable back from the one way valve and had to break the valve flapper in order to get the cable back.

No one offered the man an explanation so he called me and now he knows that he in fact has 2 issues. The backwater valve is 4' deep, the break near the city main is 9' deep, neither are quick fixes.

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This home is in Edmond near 33rd st and south blvd.

Camera Inspection due to sewer pipe causing problems.

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Edmond, OK

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