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Christi Allen project in Oklahoma City, OKI was contacted by Ms. Allen and she stated she has been having serious drainage issues with one of her two bathroom groups, as well as not being able to wash clothes without sewage filling her garage floor and sewage filling the bath-tub. Only a few days had passed since she had another plumbing company supposedly clear her main trunk line under the slab. After throughly testing the system, I determined the "plumber" didn't have a true grasp of the situation at Ms. Allen's home.

He attempted to clear the main trunk line through the roof vent, through a very small 2" vent with an undersized machine. Rarely can a trunk line be cleared properly from the roof. Many plumbers do attempt to clean a 3-4" line from the roof and succeed only in poking a temporary hole in the obstruction, and guaranteeing they will have on-going work to keep having to return to the home keep poking a hole through the compromised area. When an individual calls "A Perfect Fit" plumbing and gas, we want to clear the lines properly, we don't want our customer having the constant anxiety of wondering when the next time sewage will be on their floors and in their homes. I determined the roof was not the proper way to handle this stoppage, a larger machine was necessary and consequently a larger opening was needed to accommodate the large cable that is typically used for a 3-4" sewer line.

Since there was no cleanout at the 60 year old home, I told Ms Allen the best thing to do was to pull the toilet, giving us a full 4" opening to run the cable through. As I said, 3/4 of the home was completely blocked from draining. I pulled the toilet, brought in the heavy artillery, and began working the problem. It takes added time to clear a line this way due to the bulky and heavy machinery, but when finished her stoppages will be every few years instead of every few months. As you can see, I pulled out heavy roots, signifying a compromised/broken section of pipe under the slab. Now she knows exactly what the issue is, exactly where the problem lies, and exactly what needs to be done in order to make a permanent repair to the system.

When you need the work done properly, and piece of mind, and are prepared not to be penny wise and dollar foolish, call "A Perfect Fit" plumbing and gas, we'll be honest from the start.

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