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This job was for a repeat client located at the 14100 block of Smithurst Dr in Edmond, OK. They asked me to come and assess a gurgling and slow drainage issue in their homes drains. I used my large drain machine to try to clear the stoppage which unfortunately did not work. I then suggested we run the camera and locator to get a visual and locate the compromised area and what I saw indicated to me that the sewer line was cracked and allowing roots to enter the line.

As you can see I had many various obstructions in my way, some I removed, others were left in place, and still others I temporarily removed sections in order to gain access to the building sewer, and then re-plumbed those pipes . As you can see a large root section had grown right on top of the sewer and a fitting. Fittings are the weak point in a system, the piping rarely breaks on a straight / solid piece of piping.

The pictures show the cracked fitting, the large section of roots I was able to remove, and the code compliant repair. Once repaired I ran the camera again to reveal a near perfect system, it's a lovely thing! I re-plumbed the removed sections that were cut for access, back filled, tamped the dirt, and replanted the sod squares I carefully removed when first exposing the sewer line. My customers obviously care for their home and so do I. This was done thanksgiving week, a tough gig during an already shortened week but they had clear and flowing lines for the "big day"! And as always, they have peace of mind knowing all labor and material are guaranteed for 1 full year!

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  • Location: 14100 Block of Smithurst Dr in Edmond, OK
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Sewer Line
  • Camera Inspection
  • Code Compliant Repair
  • Cracked Sewer Line Repair in Edmond by your experienced Oklahoma City Plumbers

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