Oklahoma City Drain Line Repair

Oklahoma City Drain Line Repair

This job was near the intersection of lakeside dr and north may ave. My company was asked to come out and clear the blockage in the clothes washer drain line.

I could not get the proper size cable past the 60 year old cast iron p-trap due to scale build up. At the time I was unaware the homeowner had two other plumbing company's try to open the line before me, but one of the company's didn't want to attempt the repair and the other company didn't have the knowledge nor the proper licensing. This is a fairly common job in my profession so I was glad to offer my services. The existing drain line just came up through the floor in the kitchen instead of in the wall. We carefully removed a section of the floating wood floor to expose the concrete slab. We hammered the floor with a minimal amount of dust and removed the old cast iron combination fitting and re-plumbed a section from the vent to the new recessed laundry box and tied in to the 2" waste line that also served the kitchen sink. We also ran the water lines for the washer into the laundry box to provide more space to move the clothes washer back further towards the wall and to have ready access to the valves. A ice maker line was tapped into the cold side illegally and we also plumbed that to code. We then patched the floor to make for another clean and very functional use of space.

Progress pictures from the Drain Line Repair

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