Conduit Line Locating in Oklahoma City, OK

Conduit Line Locating

The Terry group, near 80th and shields ave in south OKC, called “A Perfect Fit” plumbing and gas to help find 2 conduit lines they laid 10 yrs ago before these structures were built . It was a great bit of foresight as the conduits were intended for future use to run communication cable and network internet cables to link all the buildings together. The only glitch was that during the landscaping process the ends got buried and only one end roughly 400’ away was known . The manager called “APF” plumbing and gas to ask if we could possibly help find the lines and also get a visual on the condition of these lines. The pictures illustrate the process.

Since they did know the location of one end I worked my way backwards with the camera, 100’ at a time, inspecting and locating the side by side conduit lines at the same time. We then dug a small hole, made a small opening, and repeated the process till we had the lines successfully located.

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Oklahoma City, OK

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