Gas Leak Detection & Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

Gas Leak Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

This is a 2" gas line serving a unit in the warr acres shoppe mall at 50th and north MacArthur. Ong turned the gas off to this unit after having constant readings showing a bad leak somewhere. APF found the leak after thorough testing of the unit, 20' up in the air on lines serving the heating units on the roof. The first picture shows the bubbles and the air escaping while under test. The second picture shows the same section cut out, removed, and repaired. They had gas and heat again shortly after this picture.

Summary of Oklahoma City Gas Leak Detection

  • Location: Warr Acres Shoppe Mall at 50th and north MacArthur, OKC
  • Type: Gas Line Repair
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Pipe Replacement

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Map of Gas Leak Repair in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK

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