Gas Line Installation in Oklahoma City

Gas Piping Installation in Oklahoma City

This project was in the 1600 block of Two Bridge Drive in Oklahoma City, OK. These folks gave me a call at “A Perfect Fit” plumbing and gas a month before they actually closed on their new home. They told me how much they loved to cook using their natural gas grill but that they didn’t have any gas near the patio area.

I met them and did my discovery work as to a safe place to run the gas from that would provide enough BTU’s for their king size grill, which when fully engaged could use up to 85,000 BTU’s. They also mentioned that in the future at some point they would like to upgrade their electric stove to gas stove top, so in the process of running a line for the grill I engineered the system for more than enough gas capacity to also serve a gas stove top, and provided a “tee” in order to easily run a dedicated branch line to accommodate the future gas stove. I also replaced/upgraded the quick connect system for the grill as well as a gas shut-off for the supply to the grill. They gave the grill a good work out the same day “A Perfect Fit” finished the work and thoroughly tested the system, as well as relighting and testing their existing gas appliances.

The gentleman was kind enough to give my company a solid review on Google the day after the first time they used the grill. He also mentioned the grill never worked as well when it was installed in his prior home, and that is due to the fact that the gas supply to the grill was never sized properly in the other property. It’s a miracle how well an appliance or a fixture can perform when it’s actually sized and plumbed properly by a licensed and experienced state plumbing/gas contractor.

  • Service: Gas Line
  • Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Customer Testimonial

"Joe is outstanding! Hired him to run a gas line for my gas grill. He did an excellent job running the lines in the tight confines of an attic and made sure everything was up and running at the end of the job. He is a hard worker and his vast experience shows in the quality of his work. Joe showed up on time and was always professional. I will hire him again when I have a gas or plumbing issue." - Mark M.

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