Mesta Park, OK, Gas Line Installation

Mesta Park Oklahoma City, OK, Natural Gas Line Installation

This job was at a clients home located in Mesta Park near NW 22nd St. and Robinson Ave. on a 90 year old home, in Sept of 2016. The chimney flue was not usable but the owners still wanted to be able to enjoy the aesthetics and warmth of a fireplace. They chose a ventless ceramic log set that uses natural gas as the energy source. There was no crawl space to speak of, just a mere few inches , which left us with just a few options to get a gas line into the the fireplace combustion area . We tied in to the gas service at the meter and ran an independent, code compliant, dedicated supply line to the fireplace. As you can see we cut and thread all pipe on site for a perfectly customized system for their gas burning appliance. The project turned out great and my clients will be able to enjoy their fireplace for another 100 years. Just a small note, the piping is engineered perfectly plumb and level, the structure itself has settled and moved a bit to make some sections of piping appear not level.

Main Systems & Services involved in Mesta Park Gas Line Project

  • Customized Gas System
  • Natural Gas Fireplace
  • Ventless Ceramic Log Set

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