Oklahoma City Danze Pot Filler

Oklahoma City Danze Pot FillerInteresting little tidbit of information, this client is actually the brother of an already existing client of mine, and we didn't discover this until I had already started the project! My client is remodeling his kitchen and wanted to add a Danze pot filler to his stove and food prep area, instead of using the island sink. We do custom work so it was my pleasure to help these folks make it materialize. I went to the water heater area to pull a water line and send it through the attic down the kitchen wall. All piping in the attic is insulated and I plumbed a shut-off valve at the beginning of the line per OKC code. The job turned out great and I managed to get the piping exactly where they wanted the pot filler mounted.

Another note, there is currently an electric-powered stove, but I will soon be running new gas lines for the new stove/range to code in the near future. Then we can install a new gas range and gas oven to replace the current electric units that he currently has. It will be a much more efficient kitchen!

This Danze Pot Filler in Oklahoma City was completed by the professional Oklahoma City Plumbers at A Perfect Fit Plumbing & Gas Co.

Specifics of Oklahoma City Danze Pot Filler

  • North 14600 Block of Longford Way in Edmond, OK
  • Type: Danze Pot Filler
  • Water & Sewer Lines
  • Water Heater

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