Plumbing and Gas Issues in Midwest City, OK

Plumbing and Gas Issues in Midwest City, OK

This client has been a repeat customer for years. She is in the army and has been serving our country for years in the Middle East and other troubled areas. Her eldest daughter and her daughter's children live in the home in her absence, they call me for any and all plumbing and gas issues. I had been at the home repeatedly for a sewer stoppage that I knew was under the slab and had cleared many times.

The owner finally agreed to a visual inspection of the sewer with the camera, and as we were doing the visual I also located the compromised sections of pipe at the same time. The camera confirmed what I already knew about the system, that the pipe ran from a bathroom group in the center of the home, under a bedroom, and then into the yard to the city main. I drew plans to hammer up the bathroom and bedroom floors and to replace the 60 year old cast iron pipe with new schedule 40 PVC sewer pipe. The job turned out well, was inspected by the city of Midwest City, and the owner, my client, was reimbursed for the work from her insurance company.

This job was completed in 2008, and though I have been back there to help with other plumbing and gas issues, I have never received a call due to another sewer stoppage! You can also see the double clean-out and backwater valve outside of the stem wall per Midwest City code.

Summary of Midwest City Plumbing and Gas Issues

  • Location: North 600 Block of Lotus Ave, Midwest City
  • Type: Natural Gas Lines
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer Line Location

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