Plumbing Repair & New Valve Installation

Oklahoma City Drain Line Repair

This project was located at 49th and N Vermont in Oklahoma City, OK. This was a new customer with "A Perfect Fit" plumbing and gas, in Oklahoma City, OK. The owner actually found us on Google Search and called me from a city in the Middle East and is serving a tour of duty over-seas. When she called "A Perfect Fit" plumbing and gas she told me her son was at the house on fall break from college and while walking on her 1 year old wooden floors noticed water squishing at his feet. How terrible.

It was a Saturday morning, and since she is actively serving our great country I told her I would come out at my normal weekly rate and find the leak and get her out of her emergency situation so her son, or insurance company, could start drying the floors. I also served in the Air Force in the early 80's, I've always had a soft spot for prior Military. I was a plumbing specialist during my tour of duty during the last few years of the "Cold War".

As the pictures show, a flooring guy changed the the valve that serves the toilet when they put in the wooden floors a year earlier. The copper he attached to was compromised and bent/dented, the person could not get the valve to stop leaking and tightened as hard as possible thereby cracking the new valve nut, which after all is only brass, a very soft malleable type of metal.

Though he didn't do anything illegal, since he did not do plumbing that was in the wall, that was exactly what needed to be done in this situation. "A Perfect Fit" plumbing and gas did the repair and new valve installation, with pleasure and with our standard 1 year guarantee. Good luck ma'am, be safe, and God bless. - Joe Bessett

Progress pictures from the Plumbing Repair & New Valve Installation

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