Sewer Replacement in Oklahoma City, OK

Sewer Replacement in Oklahoma City, OKThis project has a few interesting facets. The first being the OKC sewer main runs directly in between these two homes. The second which is due to the first fact, is that this is the shortest sewer I have ever replaced. Since the sewer runs almost at the edge of the home, the developed or overall length of the sewer is roughly 20'. The old concrete sewer was crushed all the way to the main, which is 12' down, all dug by hand in order to disturb the landscaping and fence as little as possible. I also had a 4" natural gas main in the same trench. Once we corrected/replaced the client's sewer, I also re-plumbed the illegally connected pool drain and provided an air break instead of a direct connection, so there's no chance of the sewer waste from entering the pool.

This Sewer Replacement in Oklahoma City, OK was completed by the professional Oklahoma City Plumbers at A Perfect Fit Plumbing & Gas Co.

Specifics of Sewer Replacement in Oklahoma City, OK

  • 43rd and N Villa in Oklahoma City, OK
  • Type: Sewer Replacement
  • Water & Sewer Lines
  • Plumbing Repairs

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