"Shark-Bite" fittings, handymans dream, homeowners nightmare!


Shark-bite Fittings, OK

This home is located in the 13600 block of NE 38th st in Oklahoma City, OK. I received a call of water spewing in a homes laundry area . Upon my arrival the water was shut off, and the owner said they weren't sure where it all was coming from. After spending just a moment over-looking the system I noticed the culprit, a failed push and lock fitting, which is actually the name for this type of mechanical fitting , one of the largest manufactures of this fitting is a company named "Shark Bite", so consequently folks that are unfamiliar with plumbings true nomenclature have a tendency to pick up on these names and sound like the handyman they are.

Another example is when people say the pvc pipe is glued, a true professional knows there is no gluing going on, we glue in first grade , and then give our special glued gift to mommy to hang on the fridge. The proper term for this type of poly pipe connecting is called "solvent welding". But I digress, we were speaking about push and lock fittings, the shark bite, even though it seems like a simple enough repair, there are rules, and though fairly basic and straight forward, these rules will determine whether the joint will leak or not. One of motto's is that anything mechanical can will eventually fail , period. I run across failed shark bites all the time, I figured I would document some of these so that handymen/diy folks understand these expensive little fittings are not the heroes of home repair that novices think they are.

For a few dollars more these folks could have had a solid "hard" repair and had a professional plumbing contractor come out and prep the pipe, sweat on a copper threaded adapter and had the labor and material guaranteed for a full year, and that's exactly what we here at "A Perfect Fit" plumbing and gas do. This project took me less than a hour to diagnose, prep, repair, get the water back on to the home, and fill out the paperwork, and the homeowners will never have to worry about the panic and sickening feeling that is associated upon discovering their home is flooding. I hope my message has the intended effect of providing the average homeowner with solid helpful information , and not as a plumbing contractor knocking a parts manufacturer. Shark bite fittings often times work well if the basic rules are followed. Properly plumbed piping will last many many years longer, which one will you trust for your valued possession and quite likely your greatest asset!


Shark-Bite Fittings


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