Valve replacement at Harrier Hawk in Edmond, OK

Valve Replacement at Harrier Hawk in Edmond, OK

Look closely and you'll see half of this valve is buried and mortared into the brick wall and was leaking bad due to being frozen during the winter.

We had no choice but to eliminate the valve or change it out. The valve extended from the exterior to inside a closet in a bedroom. We found the valve in the wall, added a shut off, replumbed the new valve so that it terminated flush to the wall where it was meant to be.

This job is located in the 700 block of Harrier Hawk in Edmond, OK.

Main Services involved in Edmond, OK, project

  • Leaking Valve
  • New Shut Off added
  • Replaced and Replumbed Valve

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Edmond, OK

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