Pipe Video Inspection in Oklahoma City, OK

Video Inspection in Oklahoma City, OK

This group of pics was also for prospective home buyer near Shartell and NW 47th st., Oklahoma City, OK. What I see in these pictures are that the installer of the newer PVC pipe did not use pipe primer before gluing the pipe and fittings together , the joints lose 50-75% of their strength if not primed and glued together. I also notice some of the joints were improperly fitted, there should be no gap between the joints, some are pretty large gaps, and some joints that have no gaps and are properly fitted but not primed for a tight solvent welded seam.

Another thing I see is there is not a lot of waste sitting on the bottom pipe, and there are no bellys (standing water), which tells me the pipe is pitched pretty well, that's a good thing. I did also notice the dark lines in parts of the Pipe that is a tell-tale sign of the sewer having had some backing up and stoppages, which indicates some problem closer to the city main.

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