Video Inspection of pipes in The Village, OK

Video Inspection in The Village, OK

This job was for a client who is interested in buying this home in The Village, OK on Andover ct between Penn ave and May ave. This sewer is a hybrid line 1/2 PVC and 1/2 concrete pipe. The home is 60+ years old. Obviously many joints have failed (pvc properly installed as well as the concrete pipe) and has allowed the root intrusion. The prospective buyer made a wise decision to have me scope the line before they gave a bid on the home. I suggest looking at any drainage system that is older than 30-40 years old if you are considering purchasing the property. APF plumbing and gas also locates any compromised areas at the same time as I do a visual, so not only see what's happening but know the exact location and depth as well.

Summary of The Village Video Inspection

  • Location: Andover Court between Penn Ave. and May Ave. in The Village, OK
  • Type: Camera/Video Inspection
  • Fault Location
  • Drainage System

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The Village, OK

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