Water Heater Replacement at West Memorial in Oklahoma City

water heater replacement at west memorial in okc

A Perfect Fit recently completed this water heater replacement job in a day care facility in NW Oklahoma City. I received a call from the owner saying they no longer had sufficient hot water in their older 30 gallon electric water heater due to the age of the unit and the ceiling placement, and the fact that the unit was causing ceiling damage due to improperly plumbed emergency drain lines.

We chose to replace the unit. The owner was kind enough to assist me in removing the old unit and setting the new one up on the 12' platform above the floor in the restrooms. He also had the forethought to purchase an insulating blanket for energy conservation, and as you can see, I ran a proper relief line to the emergency drip pan, which also catches any water from leaks at the top of the tank or from the tank itself, goes into the pan, and exits the exterior wall through the pvc pipe and terminates to the alley way behind the structure. This project is located at 3705 W Memorial in Oklahoma City, OK.

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