Water in Air Ducts in Oklahoma City, OK

Water in Air Ducts in Oklahoma City, OKI received a call and the woman on the other end of the line stated she has water in her air ducts. During our conferring I determined the cold water leak could be originating from a few various places. We had to perform a leak location because when breaking up a slab if you're off by a foot it may as well be a mile, a foot can be an entirely different room, and it was to an extent.

The located area was right under the wall the bathroom group shared with an in home office. By making my opening on the backside of the bathroom wall I avoided having to tell the gal that we would have to remove half of the remodelled bathroom floor and fixtures. I carefully cut and removed sections of the wooden flooring to expose the concrete slab, I hammered my opening and that revealed a plumbing manifold, in which one of the pipes was leaking. It happened to be the cold line which ran from the manifold to the toilet.

I determined the best job was to abandon the remaining 6' of copper pipe in the floor and run a new pex line from the manifold behind the Jack and Jill sinks to the water closet. It turned out great and they'll never have to worry about whether the remaining portion of pipe will begin to leak at some point. I filled the hole and put a rough concrete patch on the existing floor. All that's left is for the wooden floor to be repaired and a little sheet rock work and paint. The job was in the 800 block of NW 116th ST in OKC, OK.

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