Water Filter System For The Whole House

Much has been said of later about the contaminants that are found in our drinking water; from cigarette butts to toxic algae. A whole house filtration system installed in your Oklahoma City house can stop a whole range of contaminants in your water affecting its quality. Filters improve the taste and the way your water looks when it removes the chlorine and all of the sediments. The system will remove the spots on glassware that your dishwasher leaves behind because of the impure water. Detergent will seem to clean clothes better with the removal of certain minerals from the water which made the water hard.

In 1974 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) passed the Safe Drinking Water Act that requires all States to follow specific standards for all drinking water. The law created to make sure that the drinking water is safe for healthy people to drink.  Many of our States go above the requirements.

In the first step of water filtration alum and iron salts are added to the water. These cause certain sediments to cluster together. At this point they combine to make larger sediments which are then filtered out. When the sedimentation is filtered out then clay, silt, organic matter and small organisms are removed improving the water's appearance. Following this process is one that removes such inorganics as chromium, arsenic, nitrates, uranium and others. This is called ion exchange and treats the hard water.

The treated water may sometimes have a bad smell and a brown color then, purification plants are used. There is also a carbon powder that is added to the water that will make these compounds stick to the powder where they will form clumps that will then be removed. The only part of the filtration process is disinfection and chlorine is used as it kills the smallest contaminants and keeps the pipes in the home free of contaminants also.

Before you buy aOklahoma City whole house water filtration system determine what is in your water. There are free test kits available that will give you results without waiting. When you have determined what is in your water that has to be filtered out you can go on to shop for your water filtration system for the whole house.

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