How to Tell It's Time to Replace Your Water Heater

Water Heater Replacement in Oklahoma City, OKWater heaters require a huge amount of attention, maintenance and repairs. They're under a lot of pressure and stress for huge portions of the day, so you never know when they might develop some problem. That's why the professional Oklahoma City plumbing contractors at A Perfect Fit recommend that you have a tune-up of your water heater performed at least once every year to help ensure that it's as healthy and efficient as possible.

However, even if you're able to easily keep with the maintenance that your water heater needs, you will eventually have to replace it. It's best to know beforehand that the time to replace your water heater is approaching so that you won't be caught off-guard by it and left without hot water for what could be an extended period of time.

Most like, you'll need a professional to tell you whether or not you need to have your water heater replaced for certain, but there are some warning signs you should watch out for:

Your Water Heater's Age

The average water heater can last, with normal amounts of use, for about ten years. Of course, that lifespan can vary depending on a few factors, including the how frequently it receives maintenance and repairs. Without frequent maintenance and prompt repairs, your Oklahoma City home's water heater may last for as few as five years.

Once your water heater is around five years old, you should start to pay closer attention it. If your water heater hasn't been worked on recently, this is a good time to call our professionals and have it inspected. We can let you know if its efficiency is up to par, whether any repairs are needed, and whether or not you'll need a water heater replacement in the near future.

Listen for Any Noises

When any loud noises come from your water heater, it can signify that something is seriously wrong. It could mean that there's a build-up of sediment inside that isn't allowing water to flow freely. Often, that sediment can be flushed out, but if the problem is bad enough, however, it may be necessary to replace your Oklahoma City home's water heater.

Our plumbing contractors can help you determine whether the problem can be solved without replacing the unit.

Look Out for Leaks

Most of the time, if your water heater develops a leak, it can be repaired without any trouble. Sometimes, however, the leaks can point to more serious problems, and they may mean that your Oklahoma City home's water heater could completely break down in the near future.

Not every puddle you find around your water heater is the result of a leak, so there's no need to panic. If you suspect your water heater is leaking, call A Perfect Fit, and our plumbers will help you determine whether there is a leak, what its location is, and the best way to move forward with repairs.

If you're looking for water heater replacement services in Oklahoma City, call A Perfect Fit at 405-802-7769, or fill out our online request form.